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This subforum is dedicated to Armored Core V, which is a unique environment for the average gamer. Everything related to the game can be discussed here (and likely has been at some point). This community has been around since the Beta of this game, and many of it's secrets have been uncovered here.

General Guidelines

Posting mech builds is approved, but only if it is unfinished. They can be exposed to the scrutiny of the community, ultimately improving it (should tips and opinions be heeded). Finished builds are reserved for posting in portfolios, which you can earn if you become a full member. A portfolio is a lovely subforum all to your own in which you may post your favorite builds to your hearts content. Think of it as a showcase.

When speaking of builds, elements of design, or generally anything, pride about originality blended with functionality is highly preferred. We encourage the respecting others' opinions. Refrain from criticising pointlessly (e.g. X sucks, use Y, or don't use that) as this detracts from mature conversation. Give reasoned suggestions, keep it clean and calm, chill with the community and make some friends. We're pretty relaxed about grammar and funnies, but remember to correct yourself if you do something totally imbecilic. Further guidelines and rules can be found in our Etiquette thread (which isn't up yet, but oh well).

Typical Topics

Some of the more popular topics are weapon mechanics, special stats, and how game mechanics such as conquest function. There’s a thread for vids, room for complaints, and a special niche in our hearts for rants (cohesive ones…) involving gameplay or otherwise. If you're looking for gameplay advice or want to find a team or opponent, then you've come to the right place. We especially enjoy refining less-used or otherwise unknown things about ACV for the community's benefit. Theories about intriguing properties are always good topics. If you can't think of anything, you can try starting a thread on one of these:
  • Who around here is looking for some fights?
  • Can I join an active team?
  • How do I get started?
  • I've come back after hearing about the patch(es), what's changed?
  • Team strategies
  • Part/Weapon discussion
  • Opinions on the story/missions
  • Different piloting techniques
  • An AC setup
  • Player discussion (be wary of tearing other players down as it creates flame wars)
  • Map discussions
  • Custom Territory layouts
  • Uniqueness of numbers for Team IDs... (like 42, 69, 00, etc.)

For non-ACV related topics, you can head over to other sub-forums on the site:
  • Interested in game design, practically and theoretically? Visit the Game Design forums.
  • If you haven't introduced yourself around here, visit the Introductions subforum and tell us all about yourself. Be sure to mention you're here for Armored Core too!
  • Serious Discussion is for general chat that you want to keep, well, serious (logically).
  • Spam Perfection is home to the lol's, trolls, and forum games - pretty much anything goes. Just refrain from offending anyone.
  • If you have any issues or concerns with the forum, head over to Site Affairs.
  • If you don't know how Reaching Perfection works, visit our main FAQ hub.
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