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Frowningmirror, on 02 Jan 2014 - 5:40 PM, said:
If your the host of the lobby, you have to be open enough to have everyone in your network. Forwarding your ports or set a static ip on your console and then put it into DMZ will force you *usually* into open nat.

Open NAT goes by a lot of names, I'd imagine UDP endpoint independent is for DLINK routers for example while some routers may not even have this function. So everything is dependent on your router model. But you shouldn't have to shut down your private network completely just to play videogames....it can be potentially dangerous. What I suspect what most people with NAT issues have is double NAT, where you have to routers on your network causing problems. I'm guessing its picking up one of your NATs and not the other...

On xbox 360 armored core 4 and for answer used port 3074 using both tcp and udp
for ps3 its ports 5223 3478 3479 and 3658

Personally I'd just QoS those ports and strict your nat type on one router, its what I do and my game works fine wirelessly even. This way you have a decent chance to prevent your game from being flooded on that port but you still have are getting better than normal speeds

Also I heard that Armored Core uses Amazon servers....hope this all helps
Credit to Frowningmirror for the above.

I'll be referring people here if we have connectivity issues in the future. Use this for reference.
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