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Th3 bl1nd ninja

Alpine is a symmetrical Big Team Battle map set in the Alaska portion of forge world. There are two custom built bases on both sides of the map with a center wall/tower structure separating the two. On top of each base is a teleporter that connects to an end of the center wall structure. Each base also has a Warthog and Ghost.

This map is great for slayer and capture the flag variants. Multi team and neutral flag both work well on this map.

Plasma Launcher- 1
Sniper Rifle- 2
DMR- 6
Needle Rifle- 8
Plasma Pistol- 2
Shotgun- 1
Grenade Launcher- 1
Needler- 2
Plasma Grenade- 6
Frag Grenade- 10

Warthog- 2

Health packs- 3


This is the most updated version of this map thanks to the great feedback from the XForgery testers. Thanks and hope you enjoy!!!

More to come soon

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Re: Alpine

BNinja - I have looked over Alpine today. I downloaded your current fileshare version, so if you've made updates to Alpine from the version there, then you can ignore those comments that no longer apply.

I apologize for these pics. I am away from Reach as I type this up. For now, the below images are just cropped from your original post images. I'll take my own screenshots and replace the ones below tomorrow when I get back on Reach.

The Warthog is fun to drive around the outter rim of Alpine. Island side is a smooth ride, but heading over to canyon side there is that incline that can stop a Warthog's momentum giving antivehicle attacks better aim.

This image roughly shows the smooth(green) path until rough(red) path

You can raise or incline the horizontal coliseum windows to improve the path to a more smooth transition.

The inner two ajoined towers of Alpine are a vehicle venise-hog-trap.

You can get in. Getting out is another thing. From one perspective it looks as if the Hog will get through, so this manipulates players into a false sense of direction.

What have you experienced with the Warthogs during play sessions? What about Mongoose in place of Warthogs?

Budget Management
There is a little over 200 budget remaining on Alpine, Some very expensive railings even pieces buried under rock or providing cover that could easily be replaced by other forge pieces are eating away at resources.

Working around with Alpine a bit there is already over 2000 budget in wasted forge items and expensive geometry heavy objects that can be replaced or removed entirely. This will improve framerate issues at each base and give you some options to apply more character to Alpine.

Remove all these $50 columns. Raise those 5x1 thin flat blocks to give cover. Replace the other columns with cheaper pieces.

Another bit is the Coliseum Walls. I assumed you may have placed these in for Jetpack happy players wanting to get out of the map. There are buried walls beneath the tallest walls that can be raised to the same hieght and still provide closed off walls inside the base. Walls are only $10, but you've got $50 worth of buried walls.

Just between each of these vertical coliseums windows, just below the horizontal windows, and outside the map, are more buried $50 decorative pieces.

I think you have a great layout for Alpine. I might be guessing here, but you may have started building Alpine and got so immersed in the development of it that you forgot about the buried pieces.

I'f you'd like, I'll chop around Alpine and give it a revised look from a different designer's perspective.

I'll give you more input when I get back on Reach.
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