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by noklu • | | 8 comments
For many of you, this will be your first promotion round ever. It's actually my first time doing the promotion round write-up, actually, so we are in the same boat. All the previous ones, which date back from the start of the forums in 2010 til the end of 2011, were done by admins other than more
by noklu • | | 0 comments
I would have posted this announcement on Valentine's Day as an expression of my love for you, but I forgot Valentine's Day was a thing. Instead of the rose-red hearts that would adorn this announcement had it been posted on the 14th, I can give you a rundown of the work we've been doing more
by Dj7291993 • | | 2 comments
Alright, first off, this is not a full set of promotions. But don't worry, we'll get to that soon. Right now, we are working on some cleaning and updating on the forum, in order to get it running the way it should. Once we get all of that figured out, we will put out an announcement to let more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 5 comments
Phew! Finally posted the very first Halo 4 Forge Challenge ! It starts today. I know that sounds weird, but this challenge is using a system that is a little unorthodox and experimental. The goal is to promote self improvement, playtesting, feedback, learning, design, working together, etc. more
by noklu • | | 2 comments
Hello all. There is currently an error occurring across the site. You may already have realised, but typing into any new post or topic fields is currently failing to work as expected. We are trying to work out what has gone wrong, and in the meantime, I'd like everyone to stick tight. There is more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 8 comments
Just a heads up... I set the RP domain name "" to auto renew. I've recently hit a financial issue that won't be fixed for a week or two. As a result I am unable to push through the mere $10 for the domain renewal because of stupid reasons. So if the site goes more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 4 comments
Only those promoted to "Member" (you start out as Registered, basically if you've earned a portfolio for being active here) will have the ability to help out. Alright so I've gone through and created two subforums in the Serious Discussion for organization purposes as I will be more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 5 comments
How do you guys feel about adding sub forums to the serious discussion for the main games that the community is playing? This has been discussed before, but it wasn't really needed as the community is heavily Halo based. Armored Core is a filthy passion of mine... so I plan on dragging over my more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 10 comments
Alright so with my lack of the computer getting around to doing this is tough. So here is the thread for final submissions. If you see anyone that needs to submit their map then tell them to put it here and redirect them for me. No computer sucks. Personally I may extend the deadline til I get more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 11 comments
I need "spooky" variants of the following maps made, tested, and re-tested by Monday: Prisoner: DavidJCobb Damnation: unclaimed Headlong: unclaimed Condemned: unclaimed
by GodlyPerfection • | | 51 comments
For full details on the design challenge, read the blog post: Use this thread for posting questions, works in progress, and giving/getting feedback. The final submission thread will be available during Testing more
by noklu • | | 4 comments
It's that time of year again! Not only is Christmas around the corner, it is also that time of month again! W-wait. That sounds bad. Really bad...Just so you know, Reaching Perfection does not undergo any kind of monthly cycle -- at least, not any more; we must be middle aged. Oh my. I just more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 3 comments
Another update to the forums is here folks. Cobb has been hard at work on some pretty epic changes including quick editing, new profiles, and a couple of other nifty modifications. Everyone thank Cobb for his awesome hard work. Quick Edit Alright so this first mod is very similar to more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 0 comments
Good news Cobb is at it again. He has modified the Quick Reply feature that was just incorporated and created a quoting feature. How it works is you hit the "Quote" option next to reply and if the Quick Reply box is not attached it will attach to that post and automatically quote that more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 5 comments
So not many of you were aware of this, but within the past week we gained the ability to modify nabble's NAML code which allows us to make modifications to the forum code and make changes that are appropriate for our forum. We have setup a special area of RP at more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 1 comment
Before I start I want to apologize for my inactivity... you can blame Dark Souls. I've got almost 120 hours logged since it released two weeks ago. Anyways things are going to start coming back to life. If you haven't read the Rebirth of RP post on the front page yet, then I suggest you do so. more
by WolfpackDragon • | | 9 comments
Promotions: Okay so this one is a bit sooner than expected but I have quite a bit of time on my hands and need a productive excuse to take a quick break from the particle effects I'm doing for Aggro. As stated above, this announcement is to recognize those that have proven themselves worthy more
by DavidJCobb • | | 6 comments
Policy Update Just a quick little update, guys. Okay, so some of you may know about "ROM hacking". For those who don't, it's when you edit a "ROM" -- that is, a pirated copy of a video game -- and change its content. Essentially, you can create your own game using a & more
by Dj7291993 • | | 6 comments
Yes, I know it is now September, better late than never, right? This month we have three new "members", as well a new-ish admin. That's right folks, noklu , one of our resident authors, and the guy who manages the guest authors, now has admin privileges on the forums. We (current more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 13 comments
So good news and bad news: We will start with the bad; if you haven't noticed yet there are now ads at the bottom of the forum. Being that this is a free service I don't have that big of a deal with it, basically they are using the ads to help pay for a new programmer they hired to help with more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 3 comments
So DIRT Jockey brought up the idea of having a live chat or shoutbox. This reminded me of why I was against it. A shoutbox/chat reduces activity in the forums and leaves out those who are not online to join the chat. If people are in the chat, why have the conversation on the forum? This just more
by WolfpackDragon • | | 18 comments
You: WOW! What? Wolfpack was promoted to Admin? When did this happen? Oh my! WolfpackDragon: Yes, I am now a friendly neighborhood admin for your favorite design site forums. I'm sure some of you knew already since I've actually been one for awhile now. Anyhow, I am now comfortable with all more
by Dj7291993 • | | 2 comments
Hey guys, just though I would give you a little more info on the flag that has recently appeared. The official announcement from Nabble is below. We just released a new feature to report content as inappropriate on the Nabble website. Basically, each post has a flag that you can click on more
by Nikatorus • | | 28 comments
There is a new feature Nabble has graciously provided us with, and that is the new Reporting Flag thingy. Now, we have determined that any reportings, lets call them "flags," are handled directly by Nabble. This means this is not a toy. Twice this has been used out of context. The more
by FuN Fortress • | | 20 comments
Here are the screenshots of each of the games we played. This is not to be mistaken for the front page writeup, which is being written by who-knows-who. I figured it would be very handy to throw these in on that announcement. GAME ONE Invasion on Vistage, final score: 3-2, RP Wins more
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