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by GodlyPerfection • | | 3 comments
So DIRT Jockey brought up the idea of having a live chat or shoutbox. This reminded me of why I was against it. A shoutbox/chat reduces activity in the forums and leaves out those who are not online to join the chat. If people are in the chat, why have the conversation on the forum? This just more
by WolfpackDragon • | | 18 comments
You: WOW! What? Wolfpack was promoted to Admin? When did this happen? Oh my! WolfpackDragon: Yes, I am now a friendly neighborhood admin for your favorite design site forums. I'm sure some of you knew already since I've actually been one for awhile now. Anyhow, I am now comfortable with all more
by Dj7291993 • | | 2 comments
Hey guys, just though I would give you a little more info on the flag that has recently appeared. The official announcement from Nabble is below. We just released a new feature to report content as inappropriate on the Nabble website. Basically, each post has a flag that you can click on more
by Nikatorus • | | 28 comments
There is a new feature Nabble has graciously provided us with, and that is the new Reporting Flag thingy. Now, we have determined that any reportings, lets call them "flags," are handled directly by Nabble. This means this is not a toy. Twice this has been used out of context. The more
by FuN Fortress • | | 20 comments
Here are the screenshots of each of the games we played. This is not to be mistaken for the front page writeup, which is being written by who-knows-who. I figured it would be very handy to throw these in on that announcement. GAME ONE Invasion on Vistage, final score: 3-2, RP Wins more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 10 comments Read those two threads and tell me how immature that is. We are all human and we all do stupid things. That's fine. However we must live with the more
by Nikatorus • | | 9 comments
A long time in coming, I'll keep this short and sweet. A couple of members have made it abundantly clear that they deserve membership and a portfolio. And rightfully so, they have tormented me into giving them what they so richly deserve. Members up for promotion: Ramen 6378 Sixty3Zero more
by Nikatorus • | | 46 comments
Let's keep the XF victorycopter going! lol there is a barrage of "blueberries" homed in on that so called victorycopter of yours. And with that bit of beautiful smack talk to start us off, we are officially announcing a site battle with the prestiged and soon victorycopter-less more
by Nikatorus • | | 20 comments
It has come to our attention that no less than eleven people who are an active part of the community are without membership, nor a portfolio to call their home. They wander the forums, eating pieces of design scraps, and occasionally advertising their content at risk of being flogged. They toil more
by Dj7291993 • | | 0 comments
When moving ANYTHING, reply to it stating why you moved it. I don't care how obvious you think it is. Especially if it is being moved to the recycle bin. I will not delete posts until I know why. We're not asking for much just state why it was moved and where from. Sorry, I don't want to be more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 5 comments
Heads up folks. By popular request, now has a silver community GT that will allow you to work with other RP members even if they aren't on your friends list. You can even use it to find people here on the site to make friends with them. How this works is that you get on more
by Nikatorus • | | 11 comments
What's up Reaching Perfection? Your friendly neighborhood admin here with an exciting update. 4 new members are being promoted to official members here at RP. In no particular order: Hardcore Hero SnoozieDoes Randy 355 Neal Before Me Congrats guys! You have been deemed an active more
by Dj7291993 • | | 0 comments
I know this hasn't been much of an issue, as most stuff gets posted in the right place around here, but I want to go ahead and cover it anyway. This applies to members, and is in regards to moving threads/posts. When moving any thread or post, please post a reply stating why it was moved, more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 26 comments
Alright guys, so I'm kinda slacking on the forum side of things since I have to worry about the whole blog thing and advertising this site in general. So I'm looking into promoting one or two people to run the forum as a whole. Right now I am basing it off of activity and trust. From what I can more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 6 comments
So Wolfpack you have joined the ranks of members. My apologies for taking so long. Does anyone have any suggestions for other promotions? Pocket Syndrome is close, but I want to see how long he actually stays here. :P Here is the info for members and what not: The above members have been more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 4 comments
Now go move your damn maps and personal stuff out of the serious discussion forum fools :P. The above members have been promoted from being "Authenticated" to "Member". What does member mean exactly? You are a regular part of this community. You post in several more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 4 comments
So if you guys hadn't noticed I've kinda been on a mini hiatus as of late. I apologize for the disappearance. Everything is explained in today's blog post, Happy Holidays!, so go read that to see what is going on. I wanted to take the time to thank all of you who have kept the forum alive. I am more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 18 comments
The first major update to the forums is here. I will cover the changes below. Remember that Announcements are important things to read. Taking the time to read all of the announcements as well as reading all of the replies can keep you up to speed on what's going on around here. A Quick more
by GodlyPerfection • | | 25 comments
Welcome to the first forum announcement. Let me first personally welcome all of you guys here at RP. I hope you are enjoying your stay. Take the time to get to know each other in the introductions area and have some fun with some crazy nonsensical discussions in the spam collector or join the more
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