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I originally started working on Simulacra on April 15th 2012. As the first details of Halo 4 were starting to surface I wanted to create a map that would start it's testing in Halo Reach, but still be designed around and be intended for Halo 4. The idea was simple. I loved... 0 0
by AtlasisShruggin
Unconquered is a map that came out of love for the classic maps of Halo CE. I spent hours looking at Prisoner, Hang Em High, and Damnation before starting to forge Unconquered. Unconquered is an asymmetrical map that is played best with Team Slayer, FFA, FFA Oddball, and Juggernaut Gametyp... 13 23
by La7ham
Youtube AtlasIsShruggin's Youtube Channel Intelligent Gaming for the Intelligent Gamer The Channel will be updated with Halo Forge Videos, A Video Games and Philosophy Series, and Dark Souls Videos. Subscribe, "Would you kindly?" Writings and Essays (Coming Soon) Fin... 3 3
by AtlasisShruggin
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by Zombified Panda