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I have made a forge canvas map in the sky box of forge world. the center is aligned to the coordinates 0.0, 0.0 this makes it easier to make symmetrical maps when using the coordinates. The reason i forged this map is because of the difficulty in setting up horizontal colisseum walls that dont adjust themselves between saving and loading.

This canvas features four separate levels of colisseum wall floors, the bottom 3 being 2x2 and the top being 2x4. All the colsseum walls are flush with one another and bumped up so that the bottom of objects rest right on top of these floors when aligned to the coordinates. The distance between the surface of one level and the next is 1.9 so that a medium ramp will fit between them with a 0.1 unit of wiggle room.

I also put 2 grids on the map which represent the height boundaries of the skybox, anybody who goes above the top one will hit a soft kill boundary and anybody who goes below the bottom one will get sucked into forgeworld unable to return to the skybox.

The original author is labeled as "An RP Member" so that i dont get credit as the original author.

Feel free to move the colisseum walls as you please just dont edit coordinates on them and make sure the pattern they are in is maintained.



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