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Diagon Ally

Created By: Bartoge


I would first like to explain the name of Diagon Ally. It has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter. The map's major focus is a street in the center of the map. It goes diagonally across the collisieum. Another word similar to street is an ally. So, from that, I came up Diagon (diagnol) Ally. I just wanted to make that clear.

Onward with the post though. Diagon Ally was started a while ago. It's basic structure was forged in a day after I had the thought of creating a city like map using stunt ramps to create a street. I also had this idea from Halo: ODST to create several courtyards, that people could look down upon when they were on the street. From those two ideas, the layout of Diagon Ally was made. It is essentially two bases on opposite corners of the colliseum. Each is in the shape of an L and extends to a street. The street goes diagnolly across the other two corners of the colliseum and in the middle is borders by two small buildings. Between these buildings and the bases are two courtyards that are the lowest part of the map and quite open. It is mainly used to spawn people in, to get away from people attacking you, and to get the flag out of the base quickly once you have gotten it.


- DMR X 2
- Needle Rifle X2
- Needler X2
- Plasma Pistol X2
- Grenade Launcher X2
- Plasma Grenade X4
- Overshield X1

- Ghost X2 (Symmetric Only)

Supported Gametypes:
- Slayer (Team and FFA)
- Assault
- Stockpile
- Headhunter
- Oddball

Recommend Players: 2-8


This is the best overview I could think of for the map. You can see the street, the buildings, and a base.

This is an overview of the base. It can be split into 3 sections. From here, you can also see the courtyard, which contains a Needle Rifle and a health pack, but not much else.

This is the middle section of the base. It holds the flag in CTF and there is a needler on the edge of the window. The rock is a nice way to quickly jump up into the base from the courtyard.

This is the right side of the base. It houses a shotgun on the upper part, and a plasma pistol on the bottom of the staircase.

This is the left side of the base. It houses a simple DMR and is where the starting spawns are for all Team Gametypes.

This is the end part of the street that branches off in the two walls of the colliseum. It connects one base to the other and in this part of the map, there are two plasma grenades, a DMR, and a ghost.

This is the center of the street and in the center of the map is an Overshield. You can see the two buildings that block the bases line of sights to each other quite nicely in this picture.

This is inside the buildings. There is a healthpack, and a Grenade Launcher for each team. Although these buildings are small, they offer nice protection from the openess of the street, and provide a nice view of the base and the courtyard as well.



So there you go. This was my first real map to be posted that I have made in Reach, partly because its one of my better ones and partly because people I have played it with have told me that they have really enjoyed it. Its slightly small though, so I wouldn't recommend playing anything bigger than a 4v4 on it. Besides that, I hope you enjoy Diagon Ally


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