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Edit Bug

Legendary LurkerAdmin.
So a while ago I encountered a rare edit bug where the entire page's (so far as I can tell) appears in the quick edit box instead of the post.

DavidJCobb wrote
noklu wrote
there is another, rare, bug that I've come across when editing a post. Instead of appearing with my own words, the edit box appears with the entire nabble page's coding. I've no idea how to duplicate it.
I'm guessing that for some reason, an error is occurring, and the script is blindly interpreting that as edit text.

Does it happen consistently with certain posts, or in certain sections of the site (i.e. the admin-only area)? Can you link me to the posts you're trying to edit if it happens again? Can you e-mail me (link on my profile) the code that gets returned in the edit box? And what version of what browser are you on?
It was a post in Admins-Eyes-Only, within the thread that Godly started and is first post by me. It consistently occurs for me on all posts in that page. Other admin-eyes-only pages don't do the same thing. Another thread simply displays "Loading..." ad infinitum. I'll email you the code.
I'm using the most recent Chrome version.
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Re: Edit Bug

RP Tech Admin
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Thanks for the email. It seems that for some reason, the server is momentarily forgetting your login when it tries to get the text of the post you're editing: the code that is returned is the code for a login page.

I'll look into it when I'm done with some college stuff. Thanks for the info! (This may explain the bug that Flat reported, as well.)

EDIT: I made a change directly to RP, since the only reproducible test case is the thread you've found here. Check the thread and see if the bug(s) are still present. Tell me which, if any, have vanished.