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Firstly ty for the portfolio! secondly: here is Lighthouse 12! it was the first map I started building and first to complete (to the testing stage, tested several times now and changes are ever afoot) even if I've started other projects inbetween :) The covenant have taken over one of a... 4 16
by Flying Shoe ILR
Narrow Heights well this is the second map I post and it'll be very very diff from Lighthouse 12 lol this will be my first posted 4v4/2v2 map designed for ctf and slayer, well the first I've tried to make so forgive early massive inbalance and any play issues :) its a work-in-progress ... 1 2
by FeanorOnForge
Named cos my first 4 ideas came out as -Blam- cos they were taken already or somthing so I'll change it later. Transmitter canyon The premise is simple, The UNSC has a large and very powerfull satelite transmitter dish hidden in a beachside canyon to try and avoid detection. The Covenant ... 2 7
by FeanorOnForge
The blueprint map for collaboration, I'll keep the original here if I can and add the updated one as and when changes are made by whoever makes them but mainly will try keep the thread for it updated with latest links Blueprint 0 0
by FeanorOnForge