Friday Night Armored Core Fix

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Friday Night Armored Core Fix

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Armored Core Legacy is proud to present its May event: the Friday Nights AC Fix. If you've been having trouble finding matches or just have been having a rough week, kick back and relax with us every Friday night for some fun free battle matches. Bring your friends, bring your teammates, and most importantly, bring your ACs and your skills! We'll be recording (and livestreaming) every night so when you head into battle, remember, the camera is rolling! This event is for the enjoyment of the community and opening rooms and recording is not limited to Event Hosts; anyone may open up rooms or record for their channel. This event is for both PS3 and 360.

May 2nd
May 9th
May 16th
May 23rd
May 30th

PS3: 10 PM -12AM EST (2 AM - 4 AM UTC)
360: 7 PM - 11PM UTC (3 PM - 7 PM EST)

Event Hosts (PSNID/Gamertag)

Cid Oni

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Re: Friday Night Armored Core Fix

FromCheng wrote
Friday Night AC Fix.
Sash wrote
Friday Night Fight Club.

I ain't even mad.
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Re: Friday Night Armored Core Fix

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man~ i wish my schedule is on par with the time duration
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