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This is for my newest project. A mod of epic proportions for...well... Metroid Prime Hunters. 0 0
by GalacticMetroid
If you didn't know I am making a 2D classic style shooter. It will have multiplayer,in fact that's all it is. Multiplayer is all it is. As of right now all I have is a VERY rough alpha where you kill a "stick figure" who is trying to kill you. You have your basic loadouts: Assault,Engi... 1 1
by GalacticMetroid
Conduit is my first map.I made it wanting it to feel similar to Asylum,but in a different location.I ended up having to move it to the quarry because I was trying to use an area inside of the canyon I have never seen used in Forge.I later found out why. 1 1
by Sixty3Zero