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Sash, on 18 Apr 2015 - 8:30 PM, said:
I feel that I should be appropriately critical of these little self-indulgent forum posts. It is true that I have made them with much less frequency than I used to, but I think this one is at least interesting enough to warrant posting. My apologies if this seems like an ego-boost. I don't intend for it to be such in the slightest.

Getting on with this already - I made the decision (inspired by specific circumstances) to throw off my growing complacency in ACVD by forcing myself to play a very specific build and make damn certain to master it. This involves a Midweight, Dual Strekozas, a CIWS, some other junk, and the 23-Lock-Size FCS.

The idea is that by mastering this build I'll be able to let go of my reliance on Subcomputers and at the same time gain a greater level of control over my movement and my ability to handle an AC.

In a sense, this is a conscious reversion to a beginner level of competence. I can Blue Lock, but I have never had to completely rely upon it as my sole option. Using an AC in this way essentially reduces me to my raw input capabilities. The AC is not carrying me in the slightest, unlike how my current builds do (See: Glide Boost, Hold Triggers, Melt Teams, Repeat - or Cut People, Repeat). Thus, it follows that this build is going to force me to play (radically) differently than how I normally would.

There isn't a lot of confusing logic working in the background here - I've basically made a commitment to learn from scratch how to win every matchup by relying almost exclusively on getting Strekozas to hit, with or without locking on. The hope is that mastering this ability will make me better as a player, if not simply wiser towards attempting such a thing. In the end, I hope to graft this technique seamlessly into my previous style of play.

It will not simply be getting the Streks to do their thing, I know that such a thing is easily within my power, but it will be relearning my movement that will be the hard part.

I realized a little while back that Blue Locking has two parts to it. The first is identifying when your opponent is able to be Blue-Locked, and the second is positioning your AC to take advantage. When both ACs are moving, this kind of positioning is somewhat akin to what a Howitzer or Sniper Cannon user would do. As I have little interest or experience in either of those play styles, I cannot draw upon them for help in this. Thus, I am relearning how to control an AC. Again, developing this ability and eventually unifying it with my previous builds will be quite a boon.

- - -

That's the essentials. I feel like the "One Build to Rule them All" philosophy is a little silly, but I am more than ever aware that it brings results. I hope to elevate my abilities to a higher echelon than ever before by undergoing this little journey, and I know that in time I will reach my goal. After counting my losses and fighting through heart-pounding and ultimately futile 30-AP struggles, I have literally felt a difference in my level of concentration similar to an adrenaline rush.

After starting my training, I have had an impact on a few other players who have decided to take up this journey with me to try and find the limits of their abilities. If you would like to join us, play Duels or Battle Royales with the build listed below. It is some parts unique and some parts standard. We found that any revisions that were made did not see any big improvements over the original build, though you may want to change a couple things depending on how traumatic certain matchups become for you. To make things interesting, have two people fight, and then have the winner fight another player from the spectators. In Battle Royale, this makes the player highly conscious of their ammo consumption and AP. So far, I can only get through two ACs before being utterly strained to fight a third. I strive to get better, maybe reaching a 50% hit rate. But anyhow, this has turned out to be more fun than I had expected and I thought it might prove interesting to share.

Build is as follows:
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