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Been a while. I had stopped forging because I was terrible at it (and since this is mostly a forge forum I got out of the habit of coming here), but the recent Halo 4 forge news has given me the urge again, and I've been coming up with ideas and pre-forging them in Reach. What I plan is doing for Halo 4 is releasing my own map pack basically. One Impact map, one Erosion map, one Ravine map. I imagine that's how a lot of people will do their 'map packs'.

I have concepts for Impact and Erosion, and a loose idea for Ravine. I know it's hard to get a feel for what I'm talking about without actually seeing it, but feel free to leave comments, and to lend your expertise to some issues I've run into during the pre-forging. All will be intended for 4v4 team competitive play with no ordinance drops btw, not flood or regicide or anything like that. There will also be a heavy offense-defense dynamic behind each one, aka the Halo CE design philosophy. And they're all very much a work in progress.

Impact Map
Description: Symmetrical, multi-level, designed primarily for CTF, oddball passing lanes have been included. The bases are more enclosed from the rest of the map, like Beaver Creek or Anchor 9, as opposed to a map like Sanctuary or Zealot. Each team has a snipe area that they can port to. It sits high above the rest of the map, it has no horizontal cover, and it's one way (might seem familiar to those of you who have a played a certain Halo CE modded map; look for it on bottom screen about :40 in). It faces the other snipe area as well. As you may have guessed, each has a sniper rifle.

Rockets sit at top mid. Top mid has minimal cover, so if the other team has position and you try to just run for rockets, you will fail unless they are really, really bad. But, rockets can be naded down from bottom mid, which is where the damage boost powerup will be. This will be tough, since your nade has to be good, and the spot from bottom mid where you can do this isn't really a desirable place to be. Off to each side, at the lowest part of the map, are a couple of small open decks that you can cross with teleporters. The hallways leading to these areas go directly into the lower parts of the bases, so they'll likely be choice flag running routes.

Issues: Having issues with sightlines. I want the map to be fairly open and plenty of useful sightlines, so that each team's snipe hut is useful enough to balance out the risk of going up there. But in the skeleton I've built thus far, bottom feels too sealed off. But at the same time I don't cut a bunch of stuff out from top mid and turn that into a bunch of catwalks or something, complicating the issue.

Erosion Map
Description: Influenced by Damnation and Sword Base (dun dun dunnn). Asymmetrical, heavily vertical, designed mostly for team slayer, oddball will probably work. It's too compact for a flag game and doesn't have any good hill areas. Anyway, the map has two main levels, but there's a decent amount of vertical distance between them, and each level has variations on the Z-axis. There a couple of spots that kind of sit between the main levels, like sniper and overshield. There will be cubby holes on the top level that give top teams sightlines into each of the bottom areas that top won't have immediate sightlines to (like the middle 'dance floor'), in effort to avoid games coming to a standstill if a team gets ironclad control. Except for one area, which I have called the rocket house.

Rocket house is a small room down bottom, the lowest part of the map on the z-axis. Top team has no good sightlines into this room, but there are ample ways in - they can drop in (trait zone will block fall damage), they can teleport in, and there are two doorways at opposing ends of the room. The room itself is symmetrical, except for one side that has an upward ramp leading to a semi-enclosed bunker where the rockets sit, which is sort of fused with the middle dance floor. You can fire in and out, but the only exit is the aforementioned ramp. Top team has a hole where they can drop into this area too. This was originally supposed to be camo, which is extremely important in a map like this, but after the news about there being no camo powerup (sorry if spoiler), had to make a change. As you may have gleaned from the entire paragraph I spent on it, this place is supposed to be important and the main attraction to keep people from sitting up top, and making them if they do.

Issues: This map is pretty ambitious in that putting the finishing touches on it, like walls and closing the whole map in with respect to sightlines, could be tough to pull off while holding everything together. If that makes any sense. I also want to re-design a couple of the low areas. Given that I had to move rockets from their original spot to the rocket house, now I don't know what to put in their old spot (a long hallway branching off from rocket house). It was designed for a crucial item to be placed there.

Ravine Map 
Description: My idea for this is a chaotic arena like Derelict and Wizard. Top is very important, and there's nowhere to hide. Lots of spawnkills. No power weapons or powerups except for a damage boost in a neutral location somewhere, probably the middle.

So yeah. My gamertag is Kwamey Brown if anyone feels like snooping on my sessions or anything.