New Admin/Member!!! (Finally)

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Alright, first off, this is not a full set of promotions. But don't worry, we'll get to that soon. Right now, we are working on some cleaning and updating on the forum, in order to get it running the way it should. Once we get all of that figured out, we will put out an announcement to let you guys know what the plans are, as well as give us your thoughts. Around that time, we should also get a full set of member promotions (this should be a big one, with all of our new ACV buddies), as well as an updated definition of what a "member" is.

For now, we want to welcome our newest admin, ZenosParadox! He will be helping us do all of the stuff mentioned above, as well as acting as a representative from the ACV group. He has also been given member status (described below), which includes his very own portfolio!

Godly Perfection wrote
The above members have been promoted from being "Authenticated" to "Member". What does member mean exactly? You are a regular part of this community. You post in several threads, you play with others, and you post on the blog posts regularly. You also welcome members and partake in what the forum has to offer. So what does member get you... well the first thing that member gets you is the ability to help clean up the site. All members have the ability to move topics. In order to move a topic all you have to do is click on "more" in the top right of a post and select "Move topic to...". Then you have to copy and paste the destination forum's permalink and select ok. To get a forum's permalink all you have to do is go to the forum and select "Permalink" in the top right next to your username. For example, if you feel that a topic should be deleted you need to move it to the Recycling Bin. The recycling bin's permalink is:
It is that simple

So what's the other thing that membership gets you? Your very own portfolio in the portfolio forum. This portfolio can be used to showcase anything that you have created. Whether it be design theories, maps, screenshots, videos, other game content like minecraft creations, Unreal maps, etc. Enjoy this personal area for your stuff. Only YOU can post in your own portfolio while anyone that is authenticated can reply to anything you post. If you would like anything stickied/pinned in your portfolio just please let the admins know here. Again, enjoy and thanks for being a part of the community.

So go congratulate him, check out whatever he decides to put in there, and hang tight for our next full set of promotions! In the meantime, go welcome newbies, discuss whatever you feel like, and play a few forum games.

See you around!


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Re: New Admin/Member!!! (Finally)

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Re: New Admin/Member!!! (Finally)

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Wow Awesome! Thanks Guys!
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