Rebirth of RP [Forum Edition]

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Before I start I want to apologize for my inactivity... you can blame Dark Souls. I've got almost 120 hours logged since it released two weeks ago. Anyways things are going to start coming back to life. If you haven't read the Rebirth of RP post on the front page yet, then I suggest you do so. This is the forum edition so it is slightly different.

First things first please take a close look at the Front Page Design Content forum. This will be the highlight forum for RP in the near future as it is what will separate us from other communities. It is a place of high level design discussion on various game design topics. The goal of threads in this forum is to consolidate the topics into interesting posts for posting on the front page of RP. Who knows... you could learn something or teach someone else something. ;)

Second is that Nabble has finally opened up editing of the NAML code so over time you may see changes come to the forum. We won't make them directly on here first, we have a testing forum set aside for testing modifications first. But in due time this site will slowly start to improve. DavidJCobb is heading up this effort as our coding admin. If you can think of any specific features for the forum that you want that haven't already been suggested then please post them in the Forum Modifications Suggestions thread.

Also for those of you interested in Aggro head to the Aggro Discussion Forum to check out the new cards that we have been working on and some of the changes and new card looks for each of the older cards.

Get ready folks... because RP is coming back. ;)

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