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In here will be information, that has been remembered.


Subliminal messages, are used in art. Liars, have found out ways to, influence their lie upon those who view their art. The influence does not affect them directly, because they are unaware of the signs.

However, the signs placed, do affect them; indirectly.

Now, these liars, have been lying indirectly for quite some time.

but, remember; Truth will be spread, indirectly, as well.

There are messages in forged art. Every two pieces that come together, become a sign.
Separate, they are meaningless, they are not alive.
As the two, become, one; a sign is birthed.

Be aware, every piece you place, has it's purpose. Consider, what you are saying, with the messages, that work, subconsciously.

Spread Truth. Spread lie.
It is your choice; be aware.

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Re: Remember.

I want to turn Halo into Starcraft,
and I want to turn Starcraft into Halo.

In the Craft of Halo; there will be Spartans, Elites, and there will be the Flood.
You could pick the Spartans, the Elites, or the Floood.

In Halo, you have control one One Spartan, and you have allies with you.
In Starcraft, you have control of many "units", and you have allies with you.

The Craft of Halo, is not "Halo Wars".
It's the combination of two things, into One.

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Re: Remember.

FuN Fortress
Got a message from you the other day about this, and over the month I've been thinking the same (I've been playing SCII a lot). UNSC would play like the Terran, Covenant like the Protoss, and the Flood in a similar fashion to the Zerg. It would be interesting to see some tech trees thrown down. It would function like Halo Wars really, just more-refined and complex than Wars.

Marines from Barracks, upgraded Barracks can provide ODSTs, Snipers and Spartans could be trained from Barracks after building special structures

Vehicle Depots can create Warthogs as the standard vehicle, and upgraded to make Scorpions and Cyclops mechs.

Air Pads would make Hornets, and then pelicans (every race has a transport aerial) followed by battle cruisers like the Pillar of Autumn at the high air tech...

It would be interesting to play Halocraft.
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Re: Remember.

Exactly, ill get on later today and well talk more about it
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Re: Remember.

you play Starcraft 2 online too?
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Re: Remember.

FuN Fortress
On a friend's account, yeah. I main Protoss but have an easier time as Terran.
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Re: Remember.

cool, im hopping on Reach now lets discuss this there
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Re: Remember.

In reply to this post by richi
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Re: Remember.

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The author has deleted this message.
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Re: Remember.









Infectious Flood
Combat Forms
Carrier Form

Stalker Form
Ranged Form
Tank Form

Vehicle Forms
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Re: Remember.

few things;

Grenade Mechanic thought out allready,

Infectious Flood spawn several a time, 7 or so, very swarmy, similar to Zergling.

Infectious Flood upgrade- Infection- takes over killed unit (EX; can take over killed marine for cost of 3 Infectious Flood, can take over killed Elite for cost of 14 Infectious Flood)

Flood different in that the only unit they really have early game is Infectious Flood, but with Infection they gain new units to produce. (Carrier form is basically Infectious Flood)

Carrier Form speed upgrade,
Carrier Form capacity upgrade (EX; starts with 14 inside, then with upgrade starts with 35)

Infectious Flood can traverse all terrain, similar to Reapers cliff hopping and Colossus cliff walking (however terrain will be different from Starcraft, havent thought this out yet.)

Jackal variants- Shielded, and Skirmisher.
Speed upgrade for Skirmisher.
Shield upgrade for Jackal.

dealing with weapon and armor upgrade- dynamic upgrades (EX; marine with 0-0 ups, Standard Armor and Assault Rifle. Marine with 0-1 ups, Standard Armor and Battle Rifle.)
Dynamic in the sense that the upgrades are obtained as long as a certain structure is completed, however should that structure be destroyed the remaining marines will retain their upgrades, but newly trained marines will not spawn with said upgrade.

Dealing with resources- i like the Mineral- Gas mechanic in Starcraft, so that may not need to be changed, however, it could.
Dealing with workers- the Worker mechanic in Starcraft is what makes the game how it is. Needs to be kept, but done in Halo fashion.
Dealing with bases- Bases will be different in the sense that it can be explored into, like picture your base being a Forge creation that has multiple levels and entry points and all that good stuff. Im thinking about a mechanic that lets you custom design your base in real-time, similar to Forge, but in an viewed overhead, simplified fashion. Needs more thought.

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Re: Remember.


Marines- Jet Pack Upgrade- very similar to Reapers.

Mongeese- Acceleration Upgrade.

Vehicle Mechanics- Vehicles are produce at home but are unmanned, meaning you make a Mongoose, the Mongoose spawns, then you right click the Mongoose X number of times with a group of Marines or Spartans, and depending on how many times you clicked the Mongoose, X number of units will enter it. (You have an Elephant spawned, you have a Control Group of Marines, you click it 10 times, 10 marines will leave that Control group and become One with the Elephant. You click the Elephant once, One Marine will leave and enter the Elephant, just need One to pilot a Vehicle, the Passengers aren't necessary.)

Vehicles are the support, Infantry is the meat.

Marines and Spartans work well together- Morale boost or some mechanic like that for Marines.

Same goes for Grunts and Elites, and Grunts and Brutes.

Forgot to mention Brutes in Covenant tech tree.

Covenant cannot have Elites and Brutes in their army together (The Great Schism) meaning;
You reach tier 2 tech- you have the option to build an Elite Tech Structure, or a Brute Tech Structure- Once you build one of them, the other cannot be built for the duration of that game.
Each will have their strengths and weaknesses, so it is a dynamic point in the Covenant's game plan.
Each game can play different.

Jet Pack Upgrade for Marine, Spartan, Elite, Brute, all function similarly to Reaper.

Forgot the Revenant in Covenant Tech Tree;
Revenant- Ram Upgrade- are now able to boost at the click of a Hotkey at designated target.
Ghost have built in Boost/Ram.

Ghost- Boost duration upgrade.

Just thought of new Weapon Mechanic-
All Infantry spawn with their default Weapon;
Marine- AR
Spartan- BR
Grunt- PP
Elite- PR

however you have many Weapon Tech Buildings available; EX;
Needle Rifle Depot
Sniper Rifle Depot
Rocket Launcher Depot
Fuel Rod Gun Depot

now when you throw down one of these "Depots" it comes with X amount of supplies; EX;
Needle Rifle Depot- 20 Needle Rifles
Sniper Rifle Depot- 4 Sniper Rifles
Rocket Launcher Depot- 2 Rocket Launchers
Fuel Rod Gun Depot- 2 Fuel Rod Guns

now the Mechanic-
similar to the Vehicle Mechanic, when you throw down said "Depot" it is "dormant"- however, when you right click the "Depot" with any selected units that are able to use said Weapon from said "Depot", the selected units that are able to use the Weapon will drain the "Depot" of its supplies(they will arm themselves with the Weapon contained in the "Depot")
The "Depot" once constructed, never needs to be constructed again, it will replenish supplies either automatically and periodically with no additional resource cost, or instantly with additional resource cost, but cheaper than the actual "depot" cost.

you throw down a Needler Depot,
the Depot contains 24 Needlers,
you have a group of 15 Grunts and 15 Elites selected,
you right click the Depot,
all of the Grunts will take their 15 Needlers first,
only 9 of the Elites will take their remaining 9 Needlers after, due to Ranking of Infantry.
6 Elites will be left with their Default Weapon, because there was more Infantry than Supplies.

You now have options;
You can move out with your Upgraded Grunts and 9 Upgraded Elites, while the Depot is on "Cooldown" (In 60 seconds or so the Depot will fully replenish its Default 24 Needler Capacity)
you can pay X amount of resources to Instantly replenish the Depots 24 Needlers, allowing the 6 Elites that have their Default Weapons to Instantly grab their Needlers, which means you can move out with 6 more Upgraded Elites.
(as soon as one Needlers is grabbed, the Cooldown begins)

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Re: Remember.


Wrote down a few more things last night, computer crashed, trying to remember what was written.

Thinking about Grenades- Higher Tiered Units will spawn with them;
Spartan- Frag
Elite- Plasma
Brute- Spike

Grenade Depots can function the same and work the same as well.
Frag Depot- UNSC
Plasma Grenade Depot- Covenant
Spike Grenade Depot- Covenant who chose the Brute Tech Path
Flame Grenade Depot- which race does this fall to? both? will look into this.

Infection Mechanic-
instead of Tech Buildings thrown down, when a Tech is Infected by the Flood, it is universally available to all Flood (Gravemind)
there are Marines on the Field,
you have Infectious Forms selected,
you have Infection researched,
you attack the Marines,
your forces overwhelm them,
Marine bodies are left on the Field,
you Infect a Marine Corpse,
Marine Tech is now available, meaning you can produce Marines back at base, without a Tech Structure being built.

It will be cheaper to manually Infect Corpses, than to produce an Infected Variant at home.
There is reward to Infecting entire armys that you have defeated.

Right Click on corpse you wish to Infect, if you have enough Infectious Forms to Infect said Corpse, a certain amount of Infectious Forms will leave your Control Group and Infect the Corpse.
Remember there is a "Cost" to Infect Certain Units;
Marine- 3 Infectious Form
Elite- 14 Infectious Form

Tech Structures can be Infected, giving you the Unit Specific Upgrades in that Tech Structure;
Marine Tech Structure has a Jet Pack Upgrade available for research,
you have a Control Group of Infectious Forms,
you make it inside their base and spot the Tech Structure,
you sacrifice a certain amount of Infectious Forms when you right click the Structure,
Marine Tech Structure- 28 Forms
Elite Tech Structure- 70 Forms
when certain amount of Infectious Forms are sacrificed, all Upgrades at that Structure are Gained, universally (Gravemind)
meaning, you now have the ability to Produce Infected Marines with a Jet Pack back at your base.

gonna save.

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Re: Remember.


Depots are able to be accessed not only by your units, but enemy units entering your base.
you throw down a Rocket Launcher Depot,
enemy units (a group of Elites) enter your base,
your reaction time is slow,
the enemy reacts to you throwing down the Rocket Launcher Depot, by right clicking on it,
they reach the Depot before your units do,
they arm themselves with your weapons,
they have advantage, due to better awareness.

Spartans, Elites, and Brutes, can board vehicles.

Similar to Halo, it will not be uncommon to see an UNSC army armed with stolen Covenant supplies (Vehicles, Weapons, Grenades) and a Covenant army armed with stolen UNSC supplies.
key word- STOLEN.
Dynamic factor.

Will explain the Grenade Mechanic soon, have it written down in a notebook, will transfer data from notebook.

Spartans, Elites, and Brutes can use certain Armor Abilities.
Spartans- Sprint hotkey
Elites- Evade hotkey
Brutes- Armor Lock hotkey, idk about Armor Lock though, will think more on this.

Just thought of a better way to incorporate varying abilties on the same unit;
an Elite Tech Structure is thrown down,
there are several different Elites available,
Standard Elite- 125 mins, 50 gas (Evade)
Spec Ops Elites- 125 mins, 100 gas (Active Camo)
Ranger Elite- 125 mins, 75 gas (Jet Pack)
Each Unit is the same (Elite) however, each has a different purpose.

(may require a research of Tech, makes for better game flow)
to produce Spec Ops Elites, you must first research, Active Camo- 100 mins, 100 gas
to produce Ranger Elites, you must first research, Jet Packs- 75 mins, 75 gas

now that i think about it, this would work with most Units, allowing most units to have a Standard Role, as well as a Specific Role available-
Marines- Sprint, Jet Pack
Spartans- Sprint, Jet Pack, (Armor Lock?) i really dont know about Armor Lock, lol, just throwing things out here,
Elites- Evade, Active Camo, Jet Pack
Brutes- Jet Pack, Bubble/Drop Shield, Beserker Mode (Charge or Ram like ability)

Each ability having its own hotkey, meaning you could have an army composed of Standard Elites, Spec Op Elites, and Ranger Elites,
and you would still see the hotkeys for the abilities available,
Evade- E
Active Camo- C
Jet Pack- J
and when you choose one of those abilities, only the units capable of using those abilities will use it.
You click C,
The Spec Ops Elites will cloak, and the others will not.

Actually, i dont like the idea of Tech Structures being able to be Infected anymore, as i forsee the Flood playing too similarly to the other races if they are able to steal their Unit Specific Upgrades (Active Camo, Jet Packs)
so, Infected Combat Forms will be just that, Combat Forms, with no specific purpose but for direct Combat.
Infected Marines produced at home, do not spawn with Assualt Rifles, but are Melee Units, unless they find a Weapon from the ground, or they steal a Weapon from an enemy Depot.
Same goes for Infected Spartans, Elites, and Brutes, however each will have different properties.

There will be Weapons found throughout the BattleField that are considered neutral.
The Center of the Map may hold a Single Spartan Lazer, that has a respawn time, similar to Halo.
Any Units capable of using that Weapon will be able to right click it, and Equip it. (Grunt cannot use a Spartan Lazer, Marine cannot use Gravity Hammer)

I see this game being very micro intensive, i will look for many ways to simplify the Macro aspect of this game, allowing the player to focus much more time on individual battles, rather than focus on things back at home.

Will talk about the Pure Forms;
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Re: Remember.

Pure Forms;
Stalker Form will be the only Form able to be produced from home,
Stalker Forms can transform very quickly and for cheap,
Stalker Form base Cost- 50 mins,
Transform to Ranged Form- 25 mins, 25 gas,
Transform to Tank Form- 25 mins, 75 gas,
Transform to Stalker Form- 25 mins

Once a Pure Form becomes a Tank, it cannot change its Form.
Only Stalker Form and Ranged Form are Interchangable.

Stalker Form is capable of taversing all terrain, like the Infectious Form.
Ranged Form is capable of attaching to any surface.

All Flood Upgrades come from th Gravemind Structure.

Pure Form Upgrade- Faster Transform Time- 7 secs down to 3.
Tank Form Upgrade- Spew Infectious Forms- Begins to spew X amount of Infectious form, dependant on the amount of energy the Tank Form has,
Tank has 50 Energy, can spew out 25 Infectious Forms relatively quickly.
Similar to the way Medivacs Energy Usage works (if set to Spew Infectious Forms, and the Tanks Energy drops to 0, then recharges back to 2 Energy while still set to Spew Infectious Forms, it will Spew out 1 more Infectious Flood, and continue to do so everytime its energy recharges back up to 2 energy, until it is not set to Spew Infectious Forms)

Stalker Form Upgrade- Stutter Step Movement- Will now stutter every now and then causing the Stalker Form to jump foward rapidly during movement (basically a speed upgrade, but with different animation, and function.)

Ranged Form Upgrade- Close Mouth- can now shut its mouth, and cease fire, allowing it to absorb much more Ballistic damage (does not protect against Rockets and things of that nature)
will be an activated ability and not a passive ability, allowing the user control over the decision regarding lowering the DPS of their army for protection of a wounded Ranged Form,
you have an army of Ranged Form positioned well,
a group of Spartans enter the area where you are postioned,
your Ranged Forms begins firing,
the Spartans target fire one of your Ranged Forms,
you quickly react by selecting the targeted Ranged Form and hitting the Hotkey for shutting its mouth,
it shuts its mouth, and stops firing, and sustains MUCH MORE of the damage being dealt from target fire,
the Spartans end up putting more DPS into a target that has basically become a meatshield, basically lowering the amount of damage done to your overall army,
your other Ranged Forms are allowed to shoot longer at the Spartans before the targeted Ranged Form is killed, increasing the overall damage done to the enemy army.

Creates another micro scenario.

Am looking into ways to allowing mass micro actions to be performed;
same scenario as above,
instead of target firing, the Spartans Attack Move into your Ranged Forms,
several Ranged Forms begin taking damage,
you have all of your Ranged Forms Selected,
as the several Ranged Forms begin moving into the Red Health, you notice this and click the Shut Mouth Hotkey X amount of times,
the game is smart enough to know to shut the mouth of the Ranged Forms taking damage, and leave the others who are not taking damage to keep firing,
(you have 7 Ranged Forms,
3 are taking Damage/being attacked/being targeted,
you have the awareness to see that only 3 of your Units are being hit,
you click Shut Mouth hotkey, 3 times,
the game knows to Shut the Mouth of the 3 that are taking Damage/being attacked/being targeted, and doesnt randomly choose which Ranged Forms to Shut Down,
now if you click the Hoykey a 4th time, the game will have no choice but to Shut Down an additional Ranged Form,
meaning, its up to the user to calculate this micro action, and the game will help them choose the right Ranged Forms to shut down, to a degree,
that extra 4th click will actually be harmful to your army's DPS, but this will be caused from the User's Actions, and not from the Game's Actions)

I hope these mechanics make sense, its hard to explain them fully.

Essentially, this game will have a very intelligent decision making process it goes through, when dealing with Micro intensive things, and will help the Player make Micro Intensive decisions on a wider scale, but will not be able to do anything about Player Miscalculations as described above (4th misclick).

Like how the system was made smarter from SC:BW to SC2, so this system will be smarter than SC2, but left with enough room for User Mistakes, and Misclicks to come into play often- creating a skill gap.

More later;