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Hi, it's Snowbluff. I'll just crank out answers to questions from the FAQ. Don't ask about the name, it intentionally has multiple meanings.

I got here from Godly's Youtube. I spent a lot of time lurking Youtube or on GitP

I would love to be a writer or artist. Making up stuff is my forte.

Games should be challenging. Multiplayer enriches gameplay, which is why CoD is playable. Effective communities are vital for a game. Customization is a must as well.

Scrunch or fold? That is not a polite question. You're probably better off just taking a shower, anyway.

I'd like to see LoL lose favor so I can more people to play SC2 with locally. I suck at the game, but I still like goofing around in it with friends a lot more than LoL.

Otters are fine, but I prefer land-based mammals. Like foxes.
Or standard poodles.

Looking for an ACVD team on PSN, NA. :P