Site-Wide Issue (Rectified)

Posted by noklu noklu
Hello all. There is currently an error occurring across the site. You may already have realised, but typing into any new post or topic fields is currently failing to work as expected.  We are trying to work out what has gone wrong, and in the meantime, I'd like everyone to stick tight. There is a work around for this bug, as outlined below.

Type your message into a word document, or any other typing facility.
Copy the message.
Then, right click on the designated text field and a paste the message. Keyboard shortcuts will not work; you must use the mouse pointer.

We are doing our best to resolve the problem. Please remain patient. If any of you have any information or way to help, please post here (using the magic trick outlined above.)

Edit: If Godly or Cobb sees this, check for more details in your email inboxes.

Edit2: The problem is resolved - there was a line of NAML code that was malfunctioning. Thanks be to Nabble Support.


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Re: Site-Wide Issue (Rectified)

The removed line of code wasn't a fix, merely a workaround. Going to real quick see if I've managed to fix the problem itself. If textboxes suddenly break again, don't worry, I'll fix it in minutes.

EDIT: The fix appears to have worked. IdleChecker is back online (meaning dependent services, such as the online users panel at the bottom of the forum index, are also online) and textboxes still work. Sweet.
noklu noklu
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Re: Site-Wide Issue (Rectified)

Yes, I knew it was a workaround - my impression was that the line removed disabled the function that was causing the problem. Glad there was a proper fix.
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