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Rorak Kuroda
The Divide

Welcome, one and all, to the final unveiling of a map that's been in production for nearly 5 months! The Divide was designed the day after the announcement of the Forgehub 2v2 Throwdown competition. I worked vigorously, finishing the initial geometry in a matter of days. However, something wasn't right... something was missing. Although I did submit it to the Throwdown competition, I did not release the map, simply because I felt unfulfilled by the final result. After being distracted by other miscellaneous forging projects, I returned to The Divide, and solved its issues like the psychiatrist that solved my mental problems, slowly and painfully. After an estimated 200+ games total on this map, I think it's safe to say that no amount of nitpicking or crying can make it any better. So without further ado, I bring you, The Divide!

Keep in mind; this map only supports Team Slayer. It was specifically designed for 2v2 slayer, and I've kept it that way. It can support 1v1s and 3v3s, but if you want the true, unadulterated experience, then find some buddies and 2v2 this bitch. I personally recommend my own 2v2 gametype for optimal play, which features traits such as enhanced speed, no radar, and only sprint starts. You can find it here. It also supports the Throwdown gametype.

Overviews are difficult on enclosed maps…. Bite me.

A view from the upper corner to the blue sniper.

This is the back hall, an excellent flanking route for those that choose to hide in the upper loft

This is the lift room. With five entrances and five exits, players tends to circulate through here rather nicely.

This is the upper loft. A seemingly good control point, but watch out for grenades.

Looking out from Blue Sniper. Don’t be deceived; this location can be used for control with proper teamwork.

A view from the High Platform to the Upper Loft. Quite a few epic firefights happen across this bridge.

From here, you can see the underbelly of the Landing Platform. Use it wisely, sometimes a great escape is the difference between victory and defeat.

This is a view of the bottom route. Run quickly, before you get caught in a bad situation!

The Landing Platform. Grab that plasma pistol and get the fuck out.

This is the tunnel below the High Platform. However, this isn’t the only escape option in the area.

The Design Process

As a forger and a thinker, and as an ever-unsatisfied artistic critic, my maps go under constant re-imagining, reconstruction, and re-design until I'm completely content with what I've created. In Halo 3, Vyctoriouz and I began construction on a 1v1 project, codenamed "Caramel Koala." It featured things similar to The Divide, namely the large pit and the escape-platform. However, it had several flaws, specifically the lack of pathways through the middle to cross the massive gap. Bridges become boring quickly, and man-cannons do too… But then I had an epiphany.


That realization stuck in my mind, and slowly, all of the design concepts began to tie themselves together in my mind. I saw the control points, I saw the symmetrical balance of an asymmetric map, and I saw the flow. Once the 2v2 contest was announced, I knew I was ready.

Above is the paper design for the original map. One main design idea that I focused on was the unique flow of the map; like running your finger through the surface of a pool of water, the map has a definite form of flow in regards to the man-cannon. The path of the cannon is like the finger, and the reciprocated waves and swirls are the flow out of the landing platform room. On top of that, I needed circular flow for flanking routes. I then connected these flanking routes with a bridge. The other factors were the bottom areas of the map, which I like to refer to as the ‘Escape Routes’.  The jetpack platform is incredibly useful for escaping nasty situations on the bridge, and the flats that run along the death pit are used for similar purposes. These escape routes were then connected to the main pathways, and the design was complete.
Weapons were another concern. I had planned for each team to have a low ammo sniper, with a powerful central weapon at a high spawn time. Even through different testing renditions, that idea stayed with the map. In addition, the armor abilities play very specific roles for the area that they’re placed in. Holograms can become incredible distractions when sent through the central lift, and the jetpack can be used as a brilliant alternate route from the bottom to the top of the map.
I wanted to create a map that didn’t play the same each time you played it. I wanted to create something that would be memorable. I don’t know yet if I succeeded with the latter, but I’m hoping I did.

Special Thanks

I would like to give thanks to the many people who allowed this map to see the light of day. In no particular order:


This map began as a coforge, and despite the fact that I built the rest of the map overnight without your help, I'd like to thank you for the motivation to get started, and for the little bits of help along the way.

Shad0w Viper

Thanks to this guy, there's no longer an evade on the map. Go yell at him for making me do that. Aside from my ranting, Shad0w, like a naggin wife, complained about the map till it reached the brink of the 2v2 throwdown submission. If not for that, I'm sure it would've turned out a lot worse, so thanks for that.


After coming back to the map, Uno was kind enough to teach me all about framerate lag and its devilish ways. In addition, he made many recommendations about object usage and layout concerns, which are still visible on the map today.


This guy was the number one tester, and helped give me advice throughout the entire process. Thanks man, couldn't have done it without you.

And here's a list of the other various helpers and testers. If I forgot you, then don't be afraid to yell at me. Also yell at me if your name was on here and you never actually tested.

Eww Your Skinny
Hi Im Erupt
iTz Longshot
Black Theorem
What's a Scope?
Reflex Ion
Epic Tusk
Transhuman Plus
Aethera (Cerberus Beast)
Rho Fs

And finally, Vyctoriouz, who was the original inspiration for this design.

I’ll update this thread if any issues come up with the map, and I’ll add more to the thread eventually as well. Oh, and if you didn’t see:


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Re: The Divide

Top fuckin shelf, I cant believe I havent seen this map until now. It looks great!
 I was playing with you the other day and you never loaded it up...
Just plain selfish!