The March of War (World Mode Event)

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The March of War (World Mode Event)

The March of War is coming!

Full Details: ttp://

This event is PS3-centric. Any team on the PS3 side International (NA/EU/SEA) server may participate.

Date: March 1st-March 31st

Description: A world mode event lasting the entirety of March, teams will compete in order to prove their mettle in conquest by fighting against other teams.

Prize: Custom Emblem for the entire team and 5 $20 PSN cards

The Mercs

ACL Staff will merc for teams. Points will be awarded to teams that either win with a ACL staff merc's team (or ACL Qualified Merc) wins or if a team that is registered defeats a team with a ACL staff merc. One point is awarded per win. No points are deducted for losses.

ACL Staff or Qualified Mercs (PSNID) (Incomplete, list will be updated ASAP)

During the entire period of March, teams will compete in order win the most amount of points by defeating other teams. In order to be counted in the event, teams must register to enter. Sign up can be done at any time in October or November up till the last stated date. This event is PS3 NA/EU/SEA side only.

-Sign Up
There are three ways to sign up
1. Sign up in the MOW Thread (
2. Sign up on the official Armored Core Facebook page (
3. Email and include the team name and leader.

Sign up can be done anytime starting now up till the last week of March. It is highly suggested that you email for the the quickest response time.

1. Points can only be obtained by either having a ACL Merc on your team and defeating another team, or winning against a team with a ACL or Qualified Merc. As long as a ACL merc is witness to the match and one team is registered (and wins) regardless of which side the ACL Merc is mercing for, a point will be awarded.
2. Points will only be awarded if the win follows the above condition AND if the team has less than 3 UNACs. A full team (4 UNACS) will not be counted as a win.
3. Victories won without registering the team into the event on either the AC Official Facebook Page or Armored Core Legacy Forum will not be counted.
4. Losses are not punished. You may fight as many times as you want.
5. Any attempt to cheat or rig the event will result in instant disqualification. Any attempt to grief an ACL merc on your team and kill them will result in no points won (if you win the match), and a -5 penalty towards your total points gained. Do this 3 times and your team is eliminated from the event.

TEAM SIGN UP (Team name, leader PSNID)
Revadeon, Stravern/hardcurry

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